Aug 28, 2016

No Show Tonight

Due to technical issue beyond our control there will be no show this week. Join us next week!

Aug 15, 2016

Episode 87 - Here’s Mudd In Your Eye!


of dragons and starships - Episode 87 - Here's Mudd In Your Eye!

Angus returns from his trip to Africa and has finally learned the secret of the world of the Wild Kingdom. He still won't be on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom because the lions wouldn't take a selfie with him. CJ reminds himself that in a perfect world there still isn't anything to watch on cable. 



Aug 7, 2016

No Show This Week

Due to a family emergency our podcast will be delayed one week to next Sunday/Monday.

Jul 25, 2016

Episode 86 - Slimy People at Comicon


of dragons and starships - Episode 86 - Slimy People at Comicon

Paul decides to make his own double D's. Because hey, if ya got 'em you can play with them anytime you want! CJ pines for the days of visiting Comicon. If only to get abreast of Elvira's last visit. Then again Paul has double D's.

Gotta love plastic toys.



Jul 11, 2016

Doomsday in Paradise


of dragons and starships - Episode 85 - Doomsday in Paradise

Oh dear, where has Angus gone? He's blessing the rains down in Africa. Unfortunately he came across some cannibals and stayed for dinner. Paul is frantically searching for the perfect B movie monster to make and sell. Stay tuned as he's getting close. Picture a Robbie the Robot that is rather...pleasurable. CJ is looking forward to seeing Kate Beckinsale in black leather in Underworld: Blood Wars. 'Nuff said.



Jun 27, 2016

Episode 84 - The Slimy Apple

of dragons and starships  - 


CJ stands outside CBS studios to protest their latest guidelines against fan films. Wow it's really hot here in California. CJ has to disrobe because he has no summer wear. Somehow CBS hires him for the next soft porn. Angus gears up for a long  trip in a hot African desert. He's forgotten the most important thing when traveling - lots of soap. Watch out for a bath in an African lake selfie in the near future. Paul proceeds to make more of his props from B movies and ready them for sale. Using a new product to make the molds he accidentally creates dark matter. He hasn't been heard from since. 

Keep an eye on your toilet bowls, folks.



Jun 16, 2016

Father’s Day

We are taking a break from the next show being that it is Father's Day. We will return for the show on June 26th. Happy Father's day to all the dads out there!

Jun 6, 2016

Episode 83 - Uhura’s Got Abs from Mars!


of dragons and starships - Episode 83 - Uhura's Got Abs from Mars! 

Paul begins the prototype for his first interactive, vibrating toy monster from a 50's B movie. Paul, is it done yet? Paul? Why is he spending so much time in his room? Angus buys his first AI android to help him with chores around the house. No one has met her yet and she seems to spend a lot of time alone. Angus? Why are you spending so much time in your room? CJ has gotten really bored of nothing but re-runs, reboots and rehashed media. Because of this he's fallen off the wagon again. CJ why are you spending so much time in your room?



May 23, 2016

Episode 82 - Alien Food with No Preservatives, Please


of dragons and starships - Episode 82 -  Alien Food with No Preservatives, Please.

CJ makes plans to take part in a new Mr. Ed television show. But instead of a talking horse it will be a talking hedgehog. Paul buys a new home on the ocean and hasn't decided whether to go with carpeting or linoleum. Or a poop deck. It's Angus' birthday! Wish him a happy birthday and send him lots of beer!

No, no, just beer, no candy.



May 9, 2016

Episode 81 - Milking the Monkey


of dragons and starships - Episode 81 - Milking the Monkey!

Angus has learned the hard way not to go fishing on Mars. The only fish available are carp which is Martian for crap. Paul returns from his hiatus with a hernia from lifting a lot of monsters to sell at the convention. Meanwhile he got to see boobs. CJ is tired of the Star Wars universe and its shameless milking of the monkey franchise. He'll watch the next movies anyway...

But first let us take a selfie...  



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